Frequently Asked Questions

What is FantasyStand?

FantasyStand is a fantasy sports platform that lets you play daily and weekly salary cap and pickem style contests where the goal is to score a certain number of points to win.

How is FantasyStand different than other fantasy sites?

Other daily fantasy sports sites require you to play against groups of other players and win a percentage of the pot. These groups include sharks (skilled professional players). Your fantasy team could have a strong performance, but you may not win anything because the sharks take all the pot. With FantasyStand you are playing against the house and just have to beat a preset score to win. If you have the highest score in your group you will also win a bonus prize.

What sports does FantasyStand offer?

FantasyStand is currently offering NFL and NBA. We have other sports in the pipeline and are also working on additional fast and fun football contests.

How do I sign up to FantasyStand?

To sign up for a free FantasyStand account, select the Sign-Up For Free button on the home page and fill in the required fields to get started.

Is playing on FantasyStand legal?

Yes because FantasyStand will only operate in approved legal states.

Who can play at FantasyStand?

You must be 18+ years of age and a resident of an approved US State to use FantasyStand. All registered users are to supply identification information including your name, residential address, and date of birth.

Can I have more than one FantasyStand account?

No. Both our Terms of Service and State Regulations follow a one account per user rule.

Can I access the FantasyStand website from my phone or tablet?

Yes. FantasyStand has a fully responsive website that will work on phones, tablets and computers.

Does FantasyStand have an app?

Not yet but we will in the future.

Where can I retrieve a lost or forgotten username/password?

There is a forgot password link under the login.

Can an account be closed?

Please send a request to to have your account closed.

How do I make a deposit?

Follow the deposit funds link and choose an amount to deposit. Deposits can be made via echeck or credit card.

Are my funds safe?

FantasyStand ensures that all player funds (your funds) are segregated from business operational funds. Please be assured that all player funds are safe, secure, and accounted for and that you will have access to your money on FantasyStand at all times.

How much do contents cost?

FantasyStand offers a wide variety of real-money contests, with buy-ins ranging from $0 (free-to-play) to $500. Buy-ins and prizes vary depending on the number of entrants and the rules for that contest. Click on a contest and the contest info window will pop-up with details on the payouts for that specific contest. In the event of a tie, the bonus prize will be divided between the two (or more) top scoring entrants.

How do I withdrawal my money?

Use the Withdrawal Request tap and then choose the amount and payment method.

Do I have to fill out a W-9 Form?

If you win $600 or more annually in FantasyStand contests, you will be required to complete a W-9 form.

How do I confirm a player “does not play”?

NFL/NBA - The player is inactive for the game.

How are contests scored?

Scoring is listed under the rules & scoring tap.

How are overtime statistics handled?

Overtime scoring statistics are included in all full event contests.