Official Rules & Scoring

Below you’ll find the official rules and scoring for all contests on the website.

Score Threshold Gameplay

Applicable to all contests found in the lobby.

A user participates in a fantasy contest by:

  • Viewing contest(s) in the lobby
  • Joining a free or paid-entry contest from the lobby
  • Assembling a valid team of players within the salary cap (or) from the tiers of pickem players

For NFL salary cap contests, a user is required to pick (1) QB, (2) RBs, (3) WRs, (1) TE, (1) FLEX, and (1) DEF all while staying at or under the salary cap.

For NBA salary cap contests, a user is required to pick (2) SG, (2) PG, (2) SF, (2) PF, and (1) C all while staying at or under the salary cap.

For pickem contests, a user must pick 1 player from each tier they are presented with.

Upon making their selections, the user submits their picks and officially joins the contest. At the conclusion of each contest (when all associated sporting events finish) winners will be determined by seeing who met the score threshold and the highest scorer will be the primary winner.

Editing / Changing Picks

For our standard gameplay, users can change out their picks at any time prior to the start of the sporting event the athlete is associated with. This is based on data from our data provider and largely locks/ends at roughly a couple of minutes before a game starts. For example, 12:55PM for a 1:00PM scheduled game.

Viewing Other User’s Picks

All picks are 100% private prior to a contest locking. Nobody can see each other’s picks. When the contest begins, athletes that are “locked” with their events now running become viewable by everyone. As additional athletes have their games start, they too become viewable. Thus, athlete ownership data is private until their individual event begins and the athlete is locked in.

Contest Durations

Contests on FantasyStand are currently set for (1 day) or (1 week) where winner(s) are always declared based on the performance of the athletes in each contest.

NFL week = Tuesday thru Monday
(so TNF, Saturday games, Sunday games, and MNF are included)

NBA contests are daily only.

Contest Requirements

There must be a minimum of (2) games on a slate in order for contests to be available. FantasyStand does not have “single game fantasy” options due to legal implications, the balance of skill desired, and for diversity in user picks.

A user must pick athletes from at least (2) separate games so that they cannot “stack a lineup” where they choose players all from one team or event.

NFL Scoring

Rushing yards made = 0.1pts
Sacks = 1pt
Rushing touchdowns = 6pts
Opponent-fumbles recovered = 2pts
Passing yards = 0.04pts
Return touchdowns = 6pts
Passing touchdowns = 4pts
Extra Point Return = 2pts
Interceptions = -1pt
Safeties = 2pts
Receiving yards = 0.1pts
Blocked Punt/Kick = 2pts
Receiving touchdowns = 6pts
Interceptions made = 2pts
Receptions = 0.5pts
0 points allowed = 10pts
Kickoff return touchdowns = 6pts
1-6 points allowed = 7pts
Punt return touchdowns = 6pts
7-13 points allowed = 4pts
Fumbles lost = -2pts
14-20 points allowed = 1pt
Own fumbles recovered touchdowns = 6pts
21-27 points allowed = 0pts
Two-point conversions scored = 2pts
28-34 points allowed = -1pt
Two-point conversion passes = 2pts
35+ points allowed = -4pts
Field-goals from 0-39 yards = 3pts
Field-goals from 40-49 yards = 4pts
Field-goals from 50+ yards = 5pts
Extra-point conversions = 1pt

For purposes of defensive scoring, points allowed are calculated as:

6 * (Rushing TD + Receiving TD + Own fumbles recovered for TD ) + 2 * (Two point conversions) + 1 Extra points + 3 * (Field Goals)

NBA Scoring

3-pt FG Made = 3pts
Assists = 1.5pts
2-pt FG Made = 2pts
Blocks = 3pts
Free Throws = 1pt
Steals = 3pts
Rebounds = 1.2pts
Turnovers = -1pt


The only tie-breaker that is applicable is when 2 or more users finish in a tie for the grand prize. This is the case because the goal is to simply reach a scoring threshold to win. It does not matter how many users do or do not meet the threshold. For example:

130 points
grand prize (split) + win prize
130 points
grand prize (split) + win prize
109 points
win prize
109 points
win prize
101 points
win prize
90 points
no prize
89 points
no prize
88 points
no prize
86 points
no prize
86 points
no prize

In this scenario, 1st and 2nd place tied so each would receive 50% of the grand prize.

Official Sports Data

All contest results are 100% based on the data we get from our data provider, Game data respects the entire duration of the game (all quarters including any overtime) where statistics are earned by the athlete.

Multi-Entry Contests

FantasyStand lets you join a single contest with multiple entries. Look for the icon associated with a contest to determine if you can pick more than once.

Guaranteed Contests

FantasyStand has contests that automatically expire and refund your entry fee if they do not fill, and also has contests that are marked as guaranteed. Look for the icon associated with a contest to determine if it is guaranteed, meaning it will run no matter what.

Refunds and Contest Withdrawals

You are able to remove yourself from any contest by visiting the “Upcoming Contests” screen. Your buy-in will be refunded automatically. Upon a contest filling (or locking once full), you are no longer eligible to remove yourself. There are no refunds of any kind. Should a contest fail to run, or if a contest is deleted by the admin, you will be automatically refunded your entry free.